24 minutes flat – ever more efficient yEarn fixes a flaw

Lightning fast – yEarn.finance continues to stand out from other DeFi protocols. It only took 24 minutes for the protocol teams to correct a newly discovered flaw.

On the night of September 24 to 25, a flaw was discovered in the yEarn.finance protocol

Users have notified the yEarn teams that some strategies are producing negative returns , behavior that shouldn’t be happening . After some research, Andre Cronje , the founder of Cryptosoft, was able to identify a problem in the keeper bot :

“Andre identified that the problem was with the keeper bot , which was not completing transactions completely as expected, due to insufficient gas limit. André changed the bot settings.

The transactions were then able to be concluded and the yield returned to normal. “ – Report Fault

After discovering the flaw, the deposits were put on hold, the time to correct it. In total, it took Andre Cronje 24 minutes to identify and correct the flaw. An efficiency that many DeFi projects lack.

In practice, this vulnerability could have endangered the funds of the yDAI, yTUSD and yUSD vaults. Fortunately, it has not been exploited and all funds are safe.