They analyze the convenience of creating specialized courts in Blockchain


On May 7, the session „Blockchain and Administration of Justice“ was held, organized by Blockchain Intelligence and the General Council of Spanish Lawyers. In this context, the creation of courts specialized in new technologies was analyzed. This was reported by the General Council of Spanish Lawyers.

The presentation had the active participation of 282 attendees. „During the session, Judge Yolanda Ríos dealt with the evidential value of the information registered in a chain of blocks in civil proceedings, both in public and private documents and expert evidence“, detailed the aforementioned Council.

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„Another key issue of the session was the convenience of creating specialized Courts in Bitcoin Trader wallet einrichten, Bitcoin Era invalid swift, Immediate Edge gold dollar, Bitcoin Billionaire for crypto, will The News Spy adf ads, Bitcoin Circuit to binance transfer reddit, Bitcoin Evolution deposit paypal, when ethereum was added to Bitcoin Revolution, is Bitcoin Code an exchange or wallet, how to deposit gbp in Bitcoin Profit and new technologies, starting from some models of Comparative Law“, they added later.

In addition, during the „Business Clinic“ two cases of use in the field of Justice were discussed. The protection of the business secret and the chain of blocks in the Protocol of the Commercial Courts of Barcelona were dealt with. Then the celebration of meetings of capital companies and the adoption of agreements in the chain of blocks were dealt with.

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The Consejo General de la Abogacía Española is a representative, coordinating and executive body of 83 Bar Associations in Spain and, as explained on its website, its fundamental missions include organising the professional practice of lawyers, ensuring the prestige of the profession, demanding that Bar Associations and their members fulfil their professional and deontological duties, and working to achieve a more agile, modern and efficient justice system.